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20161110 team motivational

The childhood is a very nice period. I remember with pleasure about all my friends, even if today some of them went in another countries. When I was child, my parents judge me because I was standing too much outsite, but there was all the party. I am very disappointed how the things evoluated. Today, the children spend their free tine on computer, they play games on cell-phone and in this way they loose many beautiful moments.

I asked myself: all the children spend, in this way, their time? Felicia is one of my friends and she left this country for another. I was very surprised to hear from her that in other countries young people know how to get fun. They get fun much better than me and my all generation. Felicia sayd that in her new country is Bubble Soccer. It is a game which I think that will have succes and in our country. The team playes are encased in inflatable bubbles and then are encouraged to bounce into each other as they fight for possession of the ball. It is a wonderful play, very funny and interesting. If you want to laugh a lot, you must play this. Please notice: it is good and safe for health. If you are interested about this, here will find more information about inflatable soccer for sale.

20161110 bubble soccer

But wait, this is not all. She show me a water trampoline. Exactly! This trampoline is more fun in contract to the trampoline on the land. When I saw this my excitement was bigger. I love it what I see and maybe, in a sunny day, I will have this privilege to try all this. Please, visit this page for details. Now is automn and the weather is cold, but if you have the opportunity to try this, don't lose your chance.

20161110 water trampoline

You wanna try all this ? Then you must visit inflatable-zone.

Enjoy it!

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"Fii realist. Dorește-ți mereu imposibilul..."

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