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Evening Dresses or Short Evening Dresses

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Each woman has a type of body, which she must love and who must show her the fullest possible. So before you start looking for an evening gown, look in the mirror and watch your shapes carefully. As a rule, the following types of silhouettes are known:

Silhouette of the apple - is distinguished by round body lines, waist not well defined and more generous hips. Evening dresses chosen must thus draw attention to the upper area and accentuate the thinnest part of the body, that under the bust. The prom dresses 2019 recommended for this type of silhouette are those with sleeves or wider shoulder straps, V-neck and waist high. The silhouette of the pear - is characterized by voluptuous shapes at the bottom of the body, the hips being wide and the generous posterior. This silhouette requires dresses to create harmony between the delicate upper and the lower, with the emphasis on the bust, the arms and the neck. Wide but fluid footprints are recommended for it, with rich details in the top.
Androgynous silhouette - it is described by a torso length almost equal to that of the legs, the upper area being not very prominent. It is recommended stylish evening dresses that highlight the beauty of the legs and the bust, with details in the shoulder area to give more volume. Silhouette hourglass - is considered the ideal typology, between the top of the body and the bottom there is a perfect balance. Even though this silhouette looks good in almost all types of dresses, the most suitable are dresses that emphasize the waist, highlighting its delicacy.

Evening Dresses or Short Evening Dresses - What to Choose?

In order to best answer this question, you need to consider the type of event you are going to attend. If it's a day ceremony, you can choose a shorter dress to access with a pair of stylish, heeled shoes. In most cases, however, ideal long dresses that appeal to both the earnestness of the whole gown and the perfect elegance are ideal. These types of dresses can be found in different designs that flatten any type of silhouette, guaranteeing a refined appearance regardless of the event. Start looking for your perfect dress at 27 dress shop.

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