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Don`t dress like her. Dress like you

20190212 cheap prom dresses

My cousin lives with me now. Her parents stay in the country side and until last year she just came to visit me. Now my home is her home too. The relationship between us is much closer now. Sometimes she ask for advice on homeworks, sometimes she just needs to discuss with me about everything. I have just one brother and he lives in London, but she is like my sister.

I know that every little girl spends her life dreaming about her prom dress. She told me that sometimes she thinks about the perfect party dress she will wear, the perfect date and everyone admiring her dress. She is shy and does not want to ask money to her parents so we need to buy a cheap prom dresses. In my mind shopping for a Prom dress should be one of the most fun, exciting, memorable moments. I know that this event can be also a  nightmare.

I am not so young and a few years ago somebody teach me on the golden rule. So a prom dress should look as if the young women is wearing the dress not the dress wearing her. My grand mother told me two things: it`s better  to start shopping in January or February when the selection of prom dresses is the largest and buy your dress a couple of months before your prom to have lots of time for modification. We are almost in the middle of February, so we don’t have so much time to find the perfect dress for her.

In one night I have one discuss with Jessica, my cousin, what she wants so now it's important to know exactly what trends are in style for the season too. We must be very careful with online stores because some of the can be misleading, but i know a reputable store 27 dresses shop. A friend of mine she have used before. This friend is a consultant in fashion and her free advice for me was: never judge a dress based off of what it looks like on magazines.

Girls we must always, choose the dress that makes me feel the most beautiful and confident!


Ana Vasilescu


"Fii realist. Dorește-ți mereu imposibilul..."