Three perfect shoes from


 20161104 zaful4

Every one has good days and bad days. When your boss call you because next month he must send you to work into another departament (for two or three months, or more) you feel that this day is not your best day, ever forever. The only thing that motivates you to get over this news is that you have: a good relationship with that partner, a beautiful friendship and a wonderful soul. [...]

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The perfect wedding with shoes from

Fashion , wedding shoes

 20161030 wedding

I am a blogger for to many years. I like to wrote about many things, but the most I like to write about fashion. All women wish to have many clothes. Personal, I like to wear dress no matter seasons. Always I watch after new and exciting models. With time I learn that when I buy a dress I must buy and a pair of shoes or sandals. So, every pair has a story. [...]

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It is a jungle out there, wear Charme Lingerie

Fashion , Charme Lingerie

20161009 charme lingerie

STOP. E timpul sa iei o pauza. E timpul sa iti oferi clipe de fericire. Uita-te in jur si o sa vezi foarte multi oameni care au uitat sa zambeasca, care merg grabiti si cu capul plecat. Unde crezi ca va duce atata graba, catre fericire? In niciun caz, mai degraba catre epuizare. Nu astepta sa vezi aceasta schimbare la altcineva, fiecare are viata sa si timpul acesta nu se mai intoarce. [...]

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NewChic in trei variante - part 3

Fashion , NewChic

 20161002 MuzeuInAerLiber

Acum cateva luni va spuneam ca mi-am comandat trei bluze de pe site-ul NewChic. Vi le-am aratat pe doua din ele. A treia este putin mai groasa si mi-a fost imposibil sa v-o arat pana acum. Acum ca toamna a sosit, ia venit si ei randul. Bunica mea are o vorba, mostenita din vechi batrani, fa-ti vara sanie si iarna car. Cam asa a fost si la mine cu aceasta bluza. Este o bluza perfecta pentru o zi de toamna. [...]

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Shopping is cheaper than psychiatrist

20160929 girlmerry1

 In every morning I open the doors of the dressing and I try to decide what to wear for the day is just beginning. I must say that this thing it takes me at least 15 minutes. I have moments when I feel I do not have nothing to wear and I must buy some cloths, but I have and moments when i do not know what to wear anf this is a big problem too. [...]

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Un trend nemuritor: geanta practica si incapatoare


 20160920 jadu

Zambesc, dar in sinea mea rad cu mare pofta si rad de mine. Imi aduc aminte cat de ahtiata eram dupa gentile minuscule in care nu incapeau prea multe: telefon, chei, bani si cam atat. Azi imi plac gentile practice, incapatoare. Geanta unui femeie reprezinta un adevarat mister pentru barbati. Vesnicile nedumeriri ale barbatilor sunt: ce avem noi in ele si mai ales, de ce gasim la "fundul" gentii lucrul pe care il cautam ( mereu ). [...]

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Ericdress , we meet again.

20160919 ladies fashion autumn winter 

Shopping is one of my greatest pleasures. I like to know what's new in terms of clothes, shoes or other things especially for women. I work occupies a lot of time but I still do not give up my love, my relaxation - shopping. This year I discovered many online stores and I have shown to you that I liked products. [...]

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Fi #PeToc ! Te inalta fizic si psihic.

 20160926 pantofi rosii

Ce port in suflet? Oh, Doamne, dar ce nu port?! Am avut o zi infernala si vremea de dimineata parca imi prevestea ce anume avea sa mi se intample. Se anuntase o zi senina, dar ziua a inceput cu rafale de vant si ameninta ca o sa ploua in curand. La birou dimineata a debutat cu foarte multe rautati, rautati care au degenerat tipete, lacrimi, mahnire si multe sentimente neplacute. [...]

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Don't let little stupid things to break your happiness.


 20160904 happiness

In articolul precedent, mai exact de acum doua zile, mi-am adus aminte de anul in care am dat admiterea la Facultatea de Stiinte Socio-Umane , specializarea de Jurnalism. De multe ori spun sau am auzit vorbindu-se de Facultatea de Jurnalism dar e impropriu spus asa. In aceea vreme se intra la facultate in urma unui examen. Unul dintre subiecte era sa compui liber pe baza unui subiect dat. [...]

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The dresses from my dream


20160825 dresstells

I had a dream. I regret that I woke up but I want to tell you about ths wonderfull dream. It was so good that I did not want to wake up. It was a really, realy good dream.
Outside it was a late summer. I was in a large hall full of dresses and I was walking among them. All were beautiful, I wanted to wear them all. I remembered my mother's voice that told me I could choose only three dresses. I felt like a kid on Christmas Day, has too many toys around him and does not know with whom to play faster. I admired model, material and my eyes shining with joy. [...]

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